Where do I find Motivation? Those of you who know me very well by now know that my childhood was filled by its own drama. My motivation before was my Art and my Comics. It was my only window out of the prison my life was and my only Goal. After my wife I grew more hopes in my hearts and had more dreams to look forward to.

My surgery was the turning point in my life that changed everything. Never did I think my life would end up this way nor did I think I could survive what I have been through. I would always watch shows about people who survived some disease or surgery complication and thought Wow how did they do that. I never imagined asking that question to my own body and honestly until I was in the Nursing Home I couldn't answer that question.

Pastor Dick was the visiting pastor and he gave me a big boost. He opened my eyes back into faith and helped me realize this was God who saved me, that my story and survival was a tool to help others in my position or similar ones. He freed my heart from my past and opened it to light.

My other motivation is my Wife. Her love and support has broken all barriers in any relationship and she amazes me every day. The stress and torture we go through is just obstacles that we will face together. She is my Angel sent from Heaven and I thank God always for her. My family has always been there for me. My Dad stayed with my Wife during my Hospital/Nursing Home days and took care of me as well. My Mother and Brother were unable to stay but they visited often and I had the phone as well. If I didn't have Roberta, I wouldn't have wanted to live.

In 2006, I finally came home and after a few months of rehab and settling back to being home, I decided to buy a computer and go back to school. An old friend of mine online gave me a link to this website company and their cheap prices offered me the ability to open up my own .com site.

The people I have met since this has all happened has been amazing. Literally Thousands of people have shown their support in some way. Be it a Hello to a letter in the mail or a gift or even the best which is a personal friendship, I have been truly blessed with so many in my life. The support I get from Friends online and my Family is what gets me going and a Lot of you have become my Family.

Always stay strong and find whatever in your life can motivate you. Even if you have noone you still have God and Jesus loves you so much. Or if you follow another faith then please find peace and love and you can do anything. Always be good to others and never ever give up.

God Bless you all and I Love You!

Reverend Minister Jeremy D. Norman

The following is my story from ET posted on etonline.com. Do know that Richard Simmons is a great person but I hear from him rarely and I was never put on his diet as told. I do not Hate or want to bash him for anything because he gave me a great day and was very fun to meet. I know he helps others and I was saddened that I couldn't be one but I pray for everyone else. I have my seperate path now and have gotten myself to better health but I will always love Richard for the time I got to know him. God Bless!

JEREMY NORMAN is a young man trapped in his own body. The 21-year-old Ohio resident suffers from Froelich's Syndrome, a malady affecting his body's ability to produce a normal amount of testosterone, resulting in an inability to build muscle and lose fat.

"I found out when I was 17 I had Froelich's Syndrome," says Jeremy. "No matter how much weight I was losing, I'd gain it back, and it was getting terrible."

Jeremy was in the hospital to undergo a life-saving operation to reduce his weight, which had peaked at about 800 pounds, and there was a laundry list of complications that went along with the high-risk surgery, including severe sleep apnea, arthritis in both knees and lymphedema, a build-up of fluid in the soft tissue of the body.

After the surgery, Jeremy had to contend with, among other problems, kidney failure, liver damage, a hole in his colon, low blood pressure, sciatica, pneumonia, bed sores and a possible staph infection in his heart that almost killed him. Jeremy also needed a tracheotomy tube at one point, and was able to speak only five minutes a day with a special "talking valve." Most of his complications have since subsided, and when ET caught up with him he was almost ready to go home to his wife, ROBERTA, and family.

Jeremy had spoken with fitness guru RICHARD SIMMONS several times on Richard's radio show, but he never expected Richard to walk through the door and show up at his hospital bed with balloons and a camera crew!

"I'm shocked," says a stunned Jeremy. "It doesn't feel real."

"I am real -- touch me!" laughs Richard, who wipes away some tears.

Now down to approximately 390 pounds, Jeremy explains his situation to Richard: "They said you've got no choice but to get that surgery," he says. "With that testosterone problem, you're going to die if you keep trying to [diet and lose weight], because the yo-yo would hurt my body; too much strain."

"My dream for you is to continue losing weight at a nice pace -- not too fast -- and then for you to get up and walk," says Richard, who plans to work closely with Jeremy to help him exercise and eat right. "To get you down to 200 pounds and then for you to start having a life with your wife."

Jeremy calls his wife Roberta "my angel." The two met and married after meeting in a health and wellness online chat room, and Jeremy calls their wedding day "one of the happiest days of my life."

"She is my angel," he confirms. "Especially for someone my size, for her to fall in love with me and not care; she fell for the Jeremy inside. She loved me for me, and she's been through this every step of the way. I don't think I'd be here if it wasn't for her. I don't think I'd want to live if it wasn't for her."

Now that he's ready to start a new phase of his life, Jeremy's immediate goal is to be able to walk. After that -- and surgery to remove his excess skin -- the sky's the limit.

"I want to work, work and work to get myself walking, to get down to my goal weight," he says. "Pretty much after that I want to be able to help others. I want people to know that they're not alone. Even if you weren't blessed with family like my dad and my wife, my brother and my mom at home and everything, that you can have faith of friends and faith of God."

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