Updating soon

but here is a list of my Co-morbities:

Froelich's Syndrome (low testosterone), Sleep Apnea, Arthritis in Knees, Lymphodema, peaked at 803 pounds.

Complications after surgery:

Heart in Atrial Fibrilation (discovered a few days before surgery), Sepsis, Part of Colon Died (havecolostemy bag now), Abdomen Left Open (still open closing on its own), Possible Mini Stroke (turned out to be ICU Neuropathy and still can't walk yet), Bed Sores (went to the bone), Kidney Failure (twice, but came back with dialysis), Liver Damage (but okay now), Possible Staph Infection in Heart (we'll never really know), Multiple Infections (including Pneumonia, Psuedemonis, blood infections, urinary tract infections and infections in the sores), Tracheostomy (couldn't talk for 9 whole months and was on the ventilator), Thrush (multiple sores on legs and Hair Loss just to name a few ;)