NewestNuma - Winner of the Calling All Friends Video Contest

Skyzee - A cool lady with some funky videos!

KingHuman- A great youtuber and friend who will send you cool stuff in return for subscribing to his videos and doing some good deeds in life (what's wrong with that???)

Joe and his lovely wife Tanda bring us some funny videos and great opinions!

Reverend Steve of Diversity Life Ministries. He is Crazzzyy and Coool so check him out!!

friends, TJ and his family make some great videos on YouTube!.. Check him out and support him with some Hats!!

This is Tenish1- A lovely lady who has a wonderful family and shows her beautiful daughters who want to be Models someday!

Jensing127- A sweet lady who likes to be asked Questions!!

WrongDom - A sweethearted lady who speaks her mind!

LilVoyce - A sweetheart who has been through so much and will not give up!

A SweetHeart and a Talented Aspiring singer! Give a Listen to GWithADream!!

LanaxCore - A sweet girl from the UK with a big heart!

dArLeNewk - Brandi is a sweet young girl with a big singing voice!

Selena4Evero4 - Wonderful Person , Mom and Friend!

SarahKnowsTheAnswer - This sweetheart has had an amazing past and has battled many personal Demons and even overcame obesity with Sugar.. Yes Sugar!! check her out!!

RowdyRonster - Read the description on the friends page about this awesome guy! or just watch the video!